35 thoughts on “WordPress Post Expirator 1.3.1 Released”

  1. It should not delete your settings unless you deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If you just replace the files, the settings are saved.

  2. Nice to know. Guess most people using WP 2.7.x will use the automatic update of plugins which includes deactivating and reactivating the plugin and thus resetting all the settings.

  3. Hi i think your plugin is very useful, but it could be great to add to “Set post to” an “unchanged” option besides “draft” and “delete”. This could be useful for SEO reason to not generate 404 error and to mantain visibile published contents only showing an alert on post’s footer. It could be useful also to apply a different graphic template to posts or pages expired.

    I hope you can add these features to your great plugin 🙂

  4. Great plug-in. Thanks!

    Another idea for you… instead of setting a post to DRAFT or deleting it, you could change the category to something else. For example, I could have a category NEW that the post is created in… then on its expiration date, its category is changed to OLD. That way, I could treat the different categories differently in WP or in my feeds.

    Thanks again!

  5. Great Plugin! Instead deleting or unpublishing a post, how hard would be to (as an example) move or assign to a specific category?
    Thanks and have a great day.=)

  6. Hello,

    A great plugin.

    I had a little problem with the plugin because I use a load-balanced environnment with symbolic links.

    I made a little chage into the plugin code to have it work fine.

    I don’t know where I can send my code.
    Do you want me to send it to you by mail ?


  7. Hi Aaron – this is just what I need for my multi-author site. However, I am running it in test mode first and it does not appear as if my test posts are being changed to draft status – they continue to appear as published posts.

    I wondered if it was possible that WordPress establishes a particular timezone from which the ‘Cron’ function takes its instruction? I am in the UK and although I have allowed an extra hour for our ‘summertime’ changes – I am still seeing the published posts. Any ideas? Many thanks for the excellent work nevertheless.

  8. I have a project that I’m working on and using your plugin to expire the posts, but in a 2.7.1 install, it doesn’t seem to be removing the posts like I hoped it would. Granted that I am running my own, custom built server for this site, but everything I have done to make this work hasn’t produced any results.

    Any chance that there is some compatibility issues with WP2.7.1 or might this a server side thing as well? Kinda going crazy trying to get this to work. 🙂

  9. Hello Aaron,
    Thanks, nice work and appreciated.
    About Footer Style:
    can I use Bold font-style?
    if yes, please how write
    Thank you so much

  10. Hello, doesn´t works. I have my wordpress in spanish and don´t eliminate the post… I don´t know if I´m doing someting bad. Write to me with some help please.

    Good bye!

  11. Another way to solve the SEO issue would be to change the category after a certain date to say “Old” and that category could just be excluded from the first page. Would that be hard to make that change?

  12. Hi Aaron
    Thanks for an amazing plugin, it’s something WordPress should have come with out of the box!

    Unfortunately I’m having a problem: I get the following error when I check the box to expire a post “Ajax error in looking up elevation”.

    Also, my posts aren’t expiring?!?! Help?

  13. Yes, I second Matteo’s suggestions. It will be great if we can set the expired posts into a certain category or appendix some text to the beginning of the post to show that it has expired.

    Looking Forward to your next great release!

  14. Hi,

    I’m down in Australia and my blog has it’s time settings to UTC +10.

    When I set a blog post to expire ie say at 4pm (16), it doesn’t take into consideration my real time here in Australia.. so the expiry date says it’s going to expire at 1am.

    Any chance of timezones coming into affect?


  15. Hi Aaron

    I discovered your plugin quite recently. I’m using WP 2.8.2 and the plugin seems to work (on the plugin page, it says it’s compatible until WP 2.7).

    I could see that on some comment, someone asked if you would add the possibility to get expiration-date meta value from an amount of time after date of publication. Do you think you will do it ?

    I don’t know a lot of php but according to what I understood, the value in expiration-date is a timestamp (number of seconds since 1st of January 1970 at midnight).
    I guess then that to add that possibility, you would have to transform the publication date into a timestamp date and then add the amount of time (in seconds) we want the post to published.

    Unfortunately I understand the logic, but I don’t know yet the language.

    Actually, I would like to use that plugin with TDO Mini Forms that enables users to publish posts or pages. On the publishing post form, I would like to force users to choose the number of days they want their post to be published.

    TDO Mini Forms works with meta keys and meta values. So if you add in your plugin a meta key like ‘remaining days’ and ‘remaining hours’, I would be able to add these custom fields in the form.

    I know, I gave many details ;-).

    Please, tell me if it would be difficult to implement that.

    Thank you


  16. Hi Aaron, I really like your plug in and it is working well for me. I do however have a question that I am hoping you might be able to help me with.

    I am using csv to upload posts and I really have no idea how to do the date in my cvs file to work with expiration-date custom field.

    If I enter a regular date in my file (09/30/2009) when it is uploaded it changes to something else entirely. I notice that if I use the plug in via New Post it will set the custom value as a long string of numbers such as 1254376800. Do you know of a easy way to convert my dates into this string of numbers to use in my CSV file to upload.

    Thank you for creating such a useful plugin!

  17. Great plugin!

    I would like an option to leave active an expired post and only display (in place of the usual message) a message like:

    This post EXPIRED on mm/dd/yyy

  18. Just the plugin I was looking for. I realize it does not say it is compatible with 2.8+ but thought I’d pass on an error notice when using it with 2.8.4. When you select ‘Enable Post Expiration’ a pop-up box says ‘Ajax error in looking up elevation’. The plugin likely still works, but since this sign is designed for others to contribute, the less to confuse them the better 🙂 Thanks for your efforts.

  19. Hello.

    Thanks for great plugin.
    Did you think about adding additional functionality to Change post category or to add additional category to post on expiration date (but not make it Draft)?

  20. Nice plugin, would like to see you update it and maybe add some more functions to it like move a post to a category or have it to be deleted. I see people looking for such a plugin but… NICE JOB Aron!

  21. Aaron,

    Is there a way I could add the expiration date using Custom Fields? If the price isn’t too steep I would pay you to include such an option.


  22. Hey Aaron!!!

    This plugin kicks ass!!!

    Just one question…

    Is there a way to have only the admin use this plugin and not the contributor?

    Thank you!!!!

  23. hi, i think this plugin is great.
    but i have a problem…

    when i post something and after i check the box to activate this plugin, a message popup “Ajax error in looking up operation”

    is there anything i can do to fix this problem?

  24. Nice Plug!
    It’s possible to added the selection for any language specification (like in php the setlocale(..) function) for the displaying the post expiration date in the post footer!?
    After this are the plug is perfect!!!

  25. can you give me some more info about what platform your running on and what version of wordpress you have installed?

  26. If I’m not mistaken, the “Ajax error in looking up operation” problem happens when running the plugin on a standalone WordPress.org installation. It seems the plugin is configured to use the “$current_blog” global object of WPMU on several places, so it fails loading the correct domain on standalone installations. I’m working on a fix for this, will submit asap.

  27. Can you explain this further? I’ve been using it with 2.9.1 and its been working. What parts aren’t working for you?

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