WordPress Post Expirator Bugs/Feature Requests

I have created a SourceForge project to assist in tracking the number of features and bug reports that have came in via blog comments.  I did my best to populate things based on the current comments – however please add and update as necessary.  My goal is to find time in the next few weeks to start working on some of the current issues and additional feature requests.

SourceForge Project: https://sourceforge.net/projects/post-expirator/

Please post all new features and bugs on the SF project page instead of in blog comments!

Thanks everyone for all the feedback!

One thought on “WordPress Post Expirator Bugs/Feature Requests”

  1. Hey,

    Love the plugin. Was wondering if there is the abilitiy to move the post to a different category instead of changing it to draft? We’d like it to remain active.

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