GSM Cell Wars

So, for about the last week and a half Katie and I have had very sketchy cell phone coverage in Whitewater. We called T-Mobile and first they told us to call Cingular (we roam on Cingular towers in whitewater). Of course, Cingular refused to talk to us because we aren’t their customers, they informed us T-Mobile has to contact Cingular and work with them directly to solve the issues. We called T-Mobile back, they and they filed a ticket. After a few days of hearing nothing, I decided we needed to determine what cell tower was causing us problems. After visiting, I plotted all the cell towers in the area out on Lucy, and we (Katie and I) headed for the car to take a tour around and figure out what was going on. After about an hour of driving around, we determined what I had thought. The tower on Winther Hall apparently doesn’t play nice with T-Mobile. So, I then thought I’d call T-Mobile and have them add this information to the ticket in hopes that it may help out the engineers some.

Today, Mike called up T-Mobile, and they told him they closed the first ticket, opened a ticket at a higher level, they then closed that ticket and opened a ticket at OSD. Mike also informed me that they did a site survey of the area and submitted a proposal for a new tower in this location. Cross your fingers, maybe they will put one up! Until then, it’s the joys of sporadic cell service so if you call and get voicemail right away or after a couple rings, that’s why.

~ Receptionless in Whitewater