International Dinner 07

Friday night Sami talked me into going to the International Dinner on campus. For $10 for students, $16 for everyone else you get to try a wide variety of dishes from different countries. Even though the food was prepared by Chartwells, it was still pretty good. The menu was as follows:


  • Tunisian Couscous Salad – North Africa
  • Baba Ganouj (roasted eggplant dip) – Middle East
  • Kim Chi (fermented cabbage) – Korea


  • Pork with Dumplings & Cabbage – Czech Republic
  • Pad Thai (meatless) – Thailand
  • Hungarian Chicken Paprika – Hungary

Side Dish:

  • Cauliflower Curry – Nepal
  • Jamaican Rice with Peas – Jamaica
  • Lecso (simmered peppers & tomatoes) – Hungary


  • Conconut Toto – Jamaica
  • Apple Strudel – Czech Republic

As you can see, its quite the variety. Every got a recipe book as well. Any bets what I’ll make first?