Can you define warrenty? Samsung can’t.

Three reasons why you should never deal with Samsung tech

  1. Their call center has very long hold times, and poor
    in-experienced reps.
  2. They need to look up the definition of “Warranty” in the dictionary.
  3. The departments that matter have banker’s hours.

After several hours of wasting my life on hold with Samsung, I come to find out that they have one of the worst warranty’s ever. Their 1 year manufacturer’s warranty only covers repair of your original handset. I f for some reason the cell phone cannot be repaired, Samsung simply send it back to you and say “Not Repairable” and you are left on your own. The technician I spoke with told me the only way to get the phone replaced under the 1 year warranty would be to file an insurance claim, and pay the $70 deductible (that is assuming you have insurance on your line through your cell provider).

So, if manufacturer’s warranty is important to you, Samsung is not the company for you to purchase a phone from.