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Woot Random Crap!

Today, USPS brought me my 13.5lbs box of random crap. 

One never knows what to expect, the contents of the box were:

  • American Tourister Photo Bag – qty 3
  • NFL Pro Form Football Talking Electronic Handheld Game – qty 2
  • Spock Star Trek Quog Action Figure – qty 2
  • Captain Kirk Star Trek Quog Action Figure – qty 2
  • Victory Wax 16oz – qty 4
  • Fact or Crap Quiz Book – qty 2
  • Woot Brown Paper Bag – qty 16
  • Flying Aces Series Model – Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero – qty 1
  • Flying Aces Series Model – Spitfire Mk. Vb – qty 1
  • Flying Aces Series Model – Messerschmitt Me 109 F – qty 1
  • Flying Aces Series Model – P-47D Thunderbolt – qty 1
  • Flying Aces Series Model – Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-5 – qty 1
  • Flying Aces Series Model – P-51D Mustang – qty 1

More pictures available here

BTW – smartpost still sucks.

RSS Fusion 1.0 Released

A few weekends ago I had the need to combine RSS feeds and was not satisfied with any of the solutions I found on the net.  A few hours later, I had a general proof of concept script working – which is now called RSS Fusion.  The site will fuse together multiple rss feeds and attempt to retain as much information as possible.  Currently it only works on RSS, and does not retain enclosures (podcasts) but I will look into adding that ability in the future.

Check it out: http://www.rssfusion.org

Merry Christmas!

WPMU Ldap Plugin 2.6 Released!

In conjunction with the new WPMU release and release numbering, i’m proud to announce the release of the WPMU Ldap 2.6 plugin!  This release does require WPMU 2.6 due to the utilization of some new hooks.

Download it now!

Important Upgrade Notice! – If you are upgrading from the previous 1.3 versions that did not have support for local user creation, its important that after the upgrade you login as the local administrator, and with the "Fix Ldap Meta" option on the plugin configuration page.  This will populate the ldap_login meta value for all accounts (except the local admin) so that existing users are able to login.


  • Removed ugly hacks for the retrieve password form utilizing a new filter in the trunk.
  • Freshened up the look of the admin pages

As always, continue to visit the SourceForge project page for details, and to report bugs or add feature requests!